The Origins


Our Co-Founder, Olympic Gold Medalist Bryan Clay, readily admits that the biggest difference between him and everyone else was his team.

Trainers, nutritionists, coaches, and sports psychologists all influenced his planning and training over his almost 20-year professional career. He understands that to reach new heights in your fitness and performance you need expert guidance.


'04 Silver Medal - World Indoor Championships
'04 Silver Medal - Athens Summer Olympics
'05 Gold Medal - Helsinki World Championships
'08 Gold Medal - IAAF World Indoor Championships
'08 Gold Medal - Beijing Summer Olympics
'10 Gold Medal - IAAF World Indoor Championships


Our quirky name, inspired by a quote that Mark Twain made famous, refers to tackling the hardest things in life. For many people - that's fitness.

As a professional athlete, Bryan Clay approached each day with a champion mindset.

Simply put, he had to "Eat the Frog"! No matter what his training had in store for him, he had to attack it head-on.

We've adopted the same champion mindset. We attack whatever life has in store for us with 110% effort. Or as Bryan says...To become the most excellent version of ourselves; we work hard, never give up, we Eat The Frog!


Looking at the fitness industry, Co-Founders Bryan and Joe saw a lot of the same: one-size fits all models repeated across many brands. Big box gyms and studios playing a volume game that didn't take individual member goals or results into consideration. A lack of science was ever present. With the rise of crossfit style workouts and WOD (workout of the day) the risk for injury was high. They knew they could do better.

Both Bryan and Joe have a background in technology leading them to create a training program based in science and packed with the latest technology to give members the most results-driven and personal experience possible.

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