Knowing Bryan's background as an Olympian and his athletic mindset, it drew us to the brand. We value the servant leadership and sense of community that Joe and Bryan have developed throughout the franchise. As a leader, we believe you have the opportunity to make a difference, give back to the community, and unite people together to reach their goals. Eat The Frog has given us the foundation and provided us the opportunity to create that community through the platform we love!

Lauren & Ross M. Manhattan, KS Franchisees

We were drawn to Eat The Frog Fitness because of the 3 F's - Family, Friends and the Frog. That may sound funny but we were truly loved the people we met along the journey of becoming Franchisees. We quickly determined that the people involved with Eat The Frog Fitness were family and they cared deeply about each other and the success of the brand. Working out in a small group setting is all about building a community of friends to help motivate each other and help each individual achieve their goals. The Frog was all about the fitness concept and the fact that you can't live a healthy live without exercise! We love the concept, 24/7 studio, equipment and the uniqueness of understanding how to Eat your Frog!

Molly & Brian T. Wheaton, IL Franchisees

After much due diligence and getting to know the Eat The Frog Fitness team, there was no doubt I wanted to be a part of this rapidly growing company. Joe Culver and Bryan Clay are the ultimate leaders. They are not only smart, successful people, they care about the brand and everyone involved. Being involved in a new brand is not always easy, but it is always exciting. During my 20 years in wireless, the main thing I learned was that if you have a great product, you just need to find the perfect team to execute. The Eat The Frog Fitness team has built a high quality product, now it's my job to continue finding great locations and building amazing teams.

Mike G. San Diego, CA Franchisee & Regional Developer

What I love about being a part of Eat the Frog is the community we are building. I love how diverse the background of our members are. Some are very active, and some are just starting their journey into fitness. Eat the Frog is customized to help achieve the fitness goals of everyone no matter the background!

Neera & Bhavin P. Naperville, Illinois Franchisees