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Your investment in an Eat The Frog Fitness Franchise opportunity allows you to capitalize on a $35B fitness industry while enjoying comprehensive franchisor support.


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To start, let's talk about how fitness studio owners make money. Eat The Frog Fitness owners make money through three primary revenue streams. First, through recurring membership dues ranging from an average of $99.95 to $299.95. A 2021 research report from IRSHA states that members will pay more for an experience and perceived value. The average cost per visit paid by studio members is more than twice the per-visit cost of overall members at big box gyms.

The second way that studio owners make money is through retail sales, including coveted merchandise and FrogPod Heart Rate Monitor's vital to the Eat The Frog Fitness Experience. The last way that studio owners earn a living is through upgrades and add-on services.

Today, buying a fitness franchise appears to be a choice between large big box gyms that offer low-cost memberships and boutique studio fitness that offers experiential fitness with higher-end memberships. Studio fitness allows you to have fewer members since the per member revenue is much higher.

An Eat The Frog Fitness franchise owner's initial Franchise Fee for a single location is $49,000. We also offer multi-unit discounts based on the number of units purchased and Military Veteran discounts as a thank you to those who have served our country.

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When you have a good thing going - there is no such thing as "too much". Let's talk about some of the benefits that owning multiple franchises has on your business.

Successful franchise owners know that buying into an established brand rather than opening your own business from scratch provides many benefits and perks. One of those being the ability to scale from one operation to many, quickly and efficiently. With the support of Eat The Frog Fitness Home Office team, and your hands-on experience from opening your first studio, the process of location selection, lease negotiation, equipment purchasing and training is streamlined to get your additional locations in operation sooner.

One of the additional benefits of multi-unit operation, is your established vendor partner relationships, providing you the opportunity to negotiate on costs such as equipment, signage packages, marketing and more. Over 53% of Eat The Frog Fitness franchisees are multi-unit owners and have seen the momentum that occurs within their markets because of their expansions.

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